Hidden Beauty in Toon City

Second time in Namegawa

Namegawa Falls never fails to capture one’s interest.

I’ve been to the valley twice, first was in summer and most recently was winter time. Even with the changing season, Namegawa Falls offers a beauty suitable with the dusk of the summer heat and the coldness of the winter air.

The hike to the falls gave me an experience to see the beauty of nature in the surrounding area. The melancholic sound of the forest against the gushing forth of the crystal clear waters of the falls were a delightful joy to my senses.

It was truly a wonderful and calming experience to visit the valley, thanks to Keita for introducing us this hidden gem in Toon City.

Beautiful flower farm

My friend and I also got the chance to visit once again the rapeseed flower farm in Toon City.

It was indeed a delightful charm even on our second time to visit it. The vast farm with its bright yellow flowers against the golden rays of the sun and the calming blue skies was indeed a perfect view that can captivate anyone’s interest.

Toon City offers an array of beauty from the Namegawa Falls to the flower farm that is surely worth a visit.

I look forward in discovering more of the hidden beauty of Toon City.

(Writer: Nica from Phiilippines)

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